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Comments Thread For: Conceicao: Shakur Is Definitely Underestimating Me; Gonna Be Biggest Mistake Of Career

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    Stevenson looks like he walks around at 160 lbs


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      Originally posted by TheOneAboveAll View Post

      Awarded by default with no fight?? How silly is that? Conceicao did have the option to forego the Shakur fight and challenge later for a vacant title, but, as discussed, there are real consequences to doing that. You're making a mountain out of a mole hill; ostensibly because you believe that Conceicao never had any chance at all to win. He apparently believes in himself more than you do. He's not looking to wiggle out of this fight. Fortune favors the bold and he rightfully sees this as a career-making opportunity. Why would anyone work their entire life for a chance at glory just to let it slip away over 1.6 lbs?? That's madness.
      Yeah, fighting for a title, or vacant title, against another fighter that made weight is fair. Thanks.