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Comments Thread For: Ellerbe: Gervonta Davis is The Picture of 135; We Have All The Leverage

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    Originally posted by Julian John's View Post
    Elerbie is only matched in delusional by Hearn. Tank has no real belt and best win was Pedrazza
    What are Eddie's supposed delusions?

    This coming from a pathologically delusional country. A country who pathologically project all their ills on those who threaten them.


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      Originally posted by Clegg View Post
      You have leverage over the guys you're not planning to fight, congrats. Ryan Garcia sells a lot of tickets too. Kambosos-Haney about to happen in a stadium. Not sure they even have as much leverage as they think in these fantasy fights.
      Ellerbe will lie and lie again. Only a cabbage would believe the nonsense he comes out with.

      Facts are, Tank is a complete nobody in the world of boxing. Tank even agrees as he has no wish to fight the best. He doesn't believe for a second he could win. He's just waiting for them all to be shot before making his moves to show us how brave he is. Like the rest of them do.


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        Originally posted by T.M.T View Post
        Anytime Tank fights its a big one. He makes more money than the clowns with the belts. enjoy the show Saturday night
        Yeah, a big pile of shlt.

        Must be embarrassing having to defend this cowardice all the time? You mustn't have time to do anything else in your life.

        That's really sad if you ask me.


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          Let`s get real, Davis is the king of regular WBA belts.

          Is Bryan the man at heavyweight?


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            Originally posted by JT$615 View Post
            I wonder if he’s still gonna ride Davis’s pole after he leaves Floyd?
            He said he might resign, Ellerbe trying to sway the situation.