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Comments Thread For: Jean Pascal Rallies In Second Half To Shock Meng Fanlong, Wins Unanimous Decision

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    Stylistically, I would love to see Warren show some balls for once and bring Pascal over to the UK to fight Yarde, I think that would be a ton of fun
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      Originally posted by anonymous2.0 View Post
      I remember Kendo, I don't remember who he fought but I recognize him as the FedEx guy
      Fought Zepeda on ESPN.


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        Originally posted by 1hourRun View Post
        9 seconds left in round nine. I dont know if the scores were wide, or if this mistake by the ref made a difference. I was watching the first half and suddenly I had to attend to a responsibility, when I come back I expected to see Jean Pascal laying on the floor out-cold, to my surprise I see the replay and this one caught my
        Ref didn't make a mistake - punch was blocked but still dropped Fanlong. He tried to close his eyes and throw a punch but Pascals shot knocked him off balance and put him down. Clear KD.


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          Tried to read the article since I missed the fight. But it's that weird guy who writes his round by round in reverse order. Smh


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            Congratulations to Pascal, as long as he passes the current drug tests.

            I think he blatantly did take anabolic steroids and EPO, which one cannot excuse. But I'll give him credit for some of his boxing skills. Fanglong is clearly not as good as they thought he was, and they also underestimated Pascal's experience.

            They also want to write people off for their age too soon. 39 isn't old at all, it just depends if you've been through too many wars etc.


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              Originally posted by anonymous2.0 View Post
              Pascal has this weird clutch gene; I thought all he had left was power and an ability to soak up punches.
              Interesting comment, Explain it more, if you like.

              i have also used the term 'Clutch game' to describe a attribute certain fighters have etc.

              Errol Spence Junior is a fighter who have a proven clutch game 'Tyson Fury also'.

              When I use the term, it is describing fighters who very rarely if ever under perform in big fights.

              They never lose for lack of effort or not trying something there and then in the fight.

              Spence Junior's win vs Danny Garcia after his accident for me, was his best performance.


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                I doubt Florida has strict PED testing.


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                  Originally posted by Southpawology View Post

                  Im pretty sure fanlong was supposed to fight beterbiev multiple times but it just never ended up happening
                  Yes, covid and visa issues torpedoed that fight about half a dozen times as I recall. Fanlong had two "decent" wins on his ledger, stopping Buglioni and outpointing Deines who gave Beterbiev a decent fight himself.
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                    Originally posted by anonymous2.0 View Post
                    You know what I hope they keep this commentating team, it's fun, real fun.
                    I missed the card, who did they have doing the commentating?


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                      Originally posted by paulf View Post
                      if he was highly ranked why the **** were they fighting Pascal? Seems like a lot of risk for not a lot of reward... especially now haha.
                      NSB is like

                      "Why won't this highly ranked fighter (Spence, Crawford etc.) fight this high risk low reward fighter (Boots)? DUCKING!!!"
                      "Why won't this highly ranked fighter (Canelo) fight this high risk low reward fighter (Bumbanga)? DUCKING!!!"

                      But here, NSB is like

                      "Why did this highly ranked fighter (Fanlong) fight this high risk low reward fighter (Pascal)? Doesn't make sense"

                      At some point, NSB, you need to be CONSISTENT.