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NSB PICK EM 2022 #33 AND #34 SATURDAY 21st MAY

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    Oh, although just as a heads up, Mammoth NC Uppercut per the rules we automatically assign a x2 (if any remain to the player) in the event they attempt to play a x3 when they have none remaining, so you ain't missed out altogether

    If you attempt to use a multiplier that you do not have, we will use the highest available multiplier that is less than the one you tried to use. For example, if you say 2X without any 2Xs left, we will treat it as a 1X play. If you use a 3X without any 3Xs left, we will try to use a 2X. The x5 Multiplier is not subject to this rule since it's usage conditions make it inherently different to the x2 and x3 multipliers


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      Originally posted by SteveM View Post

      after getting a x7 on Canelo which brought me back into it a bit I figured out how many multiples I still have left and then I had a look at the leaderboard's use of multiples - Mikey G and ruedboy are the 'dangermen' -still have loads of multiples left - but Mammoth and NC will have a few points less this week than our tireless compiler Tatabanya gave em credit for.

      edit: course, ya still gotta win with them multiples and so 'points-in-the-bag' leaders SUBZER0ED ed and BLASTER are confirmed dangerous contenders
      Rats, now I'm gonna have to give Mammoth and NC their money back


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        Originally posted by Mammoth View Post

        Good catch, bro.
        don't tusk me Mammoth, I'm just the messenger (kind of)
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          Originally posted by Tatabanya View Post

          Rats, now I'm gonna have to give Mammoth and NC their money back
          Damn T, and to think of you as family.... tsk..tsk...tsk
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