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Comments Thread For: Michael Conlan Calls For Rematch With Leigh Wood Following Frightening 12th-Round TKO Loss

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    Originally posted by tritium_arma View Post
    Bum Davidson is a shit trainer.
    I've never rated him, but I think he'd argue that he had a fighter who was out after one round and he coached him to a win.

    Not to be sniffed at.
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      Originally posted by Toffee View Post

      Not really. After the knock down I think the widest you could have it was 3 points (4 if you gave a 10-8 for the second, which I didn't).

      Wood won a few rounds, had a knockdown. At the point of the knockout it was going to be close.

      Calling this one ridiculous diminishes how ridiculous some cards are. This one wasn't ridiculous.

      Having him way ahead suggests people weren't scoring it.
      Right on. Wood was closing the gap from round 6. Not that I’m suggesting he won round 6, but it looked like Conlan begun holding and arm locking an increasing amount (tbf, both did) as he tired.

      Will suggest that if Conlan didn’t, wood might have started hurting him a lot earlier, and would have naked rounds himself; although credit to Conlan: at times, his defensive head movement was unreal
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        Doubt he gets it, probably will have to work his way back to Mandatory but it is worthy of a rematch for sure I thought he was Winning for sure though so he is very worthy of a rematch


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          Originally posted by SilverMiles View Post
          I think Conlan was fortunate to hurt Wood early because he was able to bank a lot a rounds while Wood was still on queer street.

          Looking at the scorecards Conlan wasn’t going to be leaving England with the titles unless he won the 12th.
          I agree. In a rematch I think Wood avoids or at least deals with that sort of shot and with a clear head and the confidence of this win he finishes Conlan much earlier.


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            If you score a fight on who looked better Conlan was winning by a landslide, because those left hooks were clean. However you normally score a fight via rounds and actually he lost a fair few by resting and being under sustained pressure. The knockout was coming. I almost put a bet on in round 4 for a Wood win via Dec/KO, but chickened out, after the left hooks kept landing. But the signs were there that Conlan was fading after emptying his tank early and Wood was recovering. Odds were pretty short in the second half, the bookies saw it coming too.

            There was even a round where he could've (should've?) lost a point for refusing to break when he was hurt badly. Conlan wasn't in a good place going into the final few rounds.

            If Wood won the last round, it would've been close to a draw on rounds, no problem with that.
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              I was ringside and for me the two judges had it far too close., just by one the other judge by 3 which looked about right Wood started to pull back in late on but looked to be 3/4 down at the time of the KO. Tremendous up and down contest with Wood on thin ice throughout BUT what a finish and glad to hear Conlan is fine. These are the close swing fights that warrant a rematch not the mauling that Amir Khan got .


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                That was a definite and conclusive outcome, nothing controversial, so no need for an immediate rematch.
                Conlon lost decisively so needs to get back in line and win a few fights.


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                  Tremendous finish. Really happy he's been sent home to think again. Cant stand that rat conlan.


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                    Originally posted by stellen View Post
                    Tremendous finish. Really happy he's been sent home to think again. Cant stand that rat conlan.
                    I'll never understand why grown adults (presumably) behave like this on the Internet. Have some respect. And no. I'm not a Conlan fan.


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                      No need for a rematch. Wood put it on Conlan in the first round. It was clear he'd have his hands full until that huge hook landed on the bell. If Conlan hadn't caught him cold, it would've been an even earlier night for him I think. Wood ended up trying to survive for the first couple.

                      Good fighter, but ultimately that early knockdown swung the fight in his favour. His only hope in a rematch would be an early knockout, because Wood will keep coming.