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  • Comments Thread For: Josh Taylor: Staying Undisputed Champ Not Easy; It's A Big Percentage Of Your Paycheck

    Josh Taylor's first fight as boxing's undisputed 140-pound champion might be his last. The Scottish star appreciates what becoming just the fifth fully unified champ in any weight class during the four-belt era has done for his legacy. He respects the responsibility that comes with that distinction as well, yet Taylor also is a practical person. The bottom line for Taylor is that retaining the IBF, WBA, WBC and WBO titles simply might become more expensive than it is worth. Taylor (18-0, 13 KOs) is set to pay 11 percent of his purse in sanctioning fees - 2 percent to the WBO and 3 percent apiece to the IBF, WBA and WBC - for his 12-round fight against England's Jack Catterall (26-0, 13 KOs), the mandatory challenger for his WBO belt, on Saturday night at OVO Hydro in Glasgow, Scotland.
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    The world is his oyster. I like how he's not complaining. None of that, I want more money, I'm getting ducked, not guilty.


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      Can't imagine it being cheap. Pretty crazy that there's even a fee


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        Getting taxed by all those en******, I'd say after this defense drop em and move up.


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          Gotta pay to play i guess.


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            An excellent nugget of info that Taylor reminded us of, the sanctioning bodies take their percentage.

            Therefore, financially it's not all that wise to be the undisputed champion. Although I'm sure it's not such a bad thing if they already have a lot of money, and if they indeed care about legacy.

            I guess somewhat of a fair point when Mayweather said you can't eat legacy. To be known as an all-time great surely has its benefits though.

            What saddens me is how the sport of boxing has not looked after many past fighters who are suffering the effects of the sport, and don't have enough money saved. If I think of Gerald McLellan and how he was treated after the horrific injuries he sustained, it's disgraceful.

            I went off the topic of the sanctioning bodies, but I feel they should have long ago contributed to some sort of a pension fund and medical aid for fighters past and present.


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              You undispute then you drop them all, 3% of your Fight Purse for each Belt Organization is 3% too damn much


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                I wonder what the data would say about purses for undisputed title matches vs otherwise. It could be that undisputed fights make up for that 11% since they can market it better? Just guessing.


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                  defend one belt at a time, no need to put all four on the line unless its a huge payday.


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                    11% from the boxing orgs
                    A % off the top for your manager
                    A % off the top for the promoter
                    A % for your head trainer
                    Training camp fees
                    Dietician fees
                    S&C fees
                    Paying sparring partners

                    No wonder boxers get ruined financially, those big paychecks are eaten up by the bottomfeeders around them and that's not even accounting for the Taxman. Didn't Bernard Hopkins say that his first million dollar paycheck he saw less then half of it?