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    Originally posted by PBR Streetgang View Post

    I like the Polish Viking. Wach is an incredibly tough guy and despite being limited he tries. That durability and limitation is what makes me wince. I know he's not going to fold at the first shot which means he's probably going to take a savage beating.

    Guys like Wach are an asset in the sport for the reasons I mentioned above. It's good for a fighter, no matter how good, to understand he's not going to put everyone to sleep with a few shots.

    It's interesting that he and Miller are sparring, I remember when they fought. Wach tried but I want to say he suffered an arm or shoulder injury...
    Wach really surprised me in the Whyte fight. Dillian wasn’t in peak shape but neither was Wach & he gave Whyte all he could handle. I like & cheer for guys like Wach, Kevin Johnson, Raphael Butler, lago kaladze Jason Gavern, nicolai Firtha & any other journeymen who will answer the call I have said it more than once the best euro journeymen with a 10-11 record in boxing. Gabriel Enguema… 6’5 250lbs Spaniard. He throws punches & stands in there & trades with opponents who have superior firepower. One tough dude…
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