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Comments Thread For: Arum: If Whyte Doesn't Fight, We'll Get Decent Opponent For Tyson Fury

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  • Comments Thread For: Arum: If Whyte Doesn't Fight, We'll Get Decent Opponent For Tyson Fury

    Top Rank's CEO Bob Arum, who co-promotes of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, states that his boxer will stay active if a deal is not reached with mandatory challenger Dillian Whyte.
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    Surely dillian won't let this fight slip away?


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      Translation: we'll get an easy opponent.

      Whyte should take the 20% though. He was the interim champion, but he got knocked out by Povetkin, then won a rematch.

      I don't know if he's technically still the interim champ, but that loss did hamper his earning potential.
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        Based on their recent earnings? Really? Dillian would fight in a car port for nothing, was the last boast I heard. I don't mind Whyte getting a payday, but this may be his last chance at big money. If he waits for Eddy to buy him a title, he'll get paid Eddy wages.


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          Helenius would be a mismatch, Charr would be a disgrace. If not Whyte, then at the very least, a rematch with Braun Strowman. Nash out.


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            If it’s Manuel Charr then that’s a disgrace. It’s a disgrace that a sanctioning body would have him in their top 20. He is not a credible opponent.

            Robert Helenius is also a crap option.

            I’m a huge Tyson Fury fan. He resonates with me and things I’ve gone through in my life, but I’m wondering if his handlers have seen some things in sparring that make them nervous and think that every time out against a top ten is a crapshoot. I mean Charr??? That’s being very very cautious…..
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              How does. It work if a deal cant be reached? Whyte turns down and loses his mando position, right?

              If it goes purse and dazn wins and fury backs out he gets stripped of title?
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                Accept the 80-20 and get your ass whipped, Dillian Shyte.


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                  A decent opponent goes on to name Helenius and Manuel ****in' Charr.
                  I honestly wish I had something positive to say about boxing.


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                    Why not give Wallin a rematch at the bare minimum?