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When Hype Jobs Get Exposed

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  • When Hype Jobs Get Exposed

    Where does last night's fight rank?
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    If you beat a top 5 pfp fighter, you are exempt from being called a hypejob
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      I wouldn't say Teo is a hypejob because he had 2 solid wins with Nakatani and Commey, and 1 really good win over Loma. Hype jobs usually just have a couple decent wins before stepping up to their first solid fighter.
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        He was recovering from COVID and went into the fight injuried. I think he deserves a little slack.
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          Teo has proved he's no hypejob,where as the jury is still out on the rest at 135.
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            Hype jobs usually come from the UK and Teo's from Brooklyn.


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              He's not a hype job.

              He's a top fighter he just lost a fight. It's boxing, it happens.

              He'll be back and he'll more than likely be champion again.


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                Hes not a hype job, he just got beat by a better fighter last night. The layoff definitely helped Kambosos, dude looked like he trained his ass off.

                1 thing that was exposed last night about Lopez is he punches hard as F when you stand in front of him. Give him a lil side to side movement and he takes a long time to wind up.

                Credit to Kambosos and teams gameplan. He kept circling the center ring perfect and got off first. It was really beautiful boxing. I prefer this kinda fight vs 2 guys throwing 1000+ punches and no1 even has a mark.
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                  He’s a good fighter with emotional issues and a worthless team in his corner


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                    Title should read

                    WHEN CASUAL FANS rate fighters as BUMS after 1 loss