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How long would Canelo last against wilder

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    Originally posted by Floyd is TBE View Post

    Just stop it. Don't go getting racist because Canelo is a cheat
    That went over my head. I don't get the Watermelon part?


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      Originally posted by El_Maldito_Rey View Post

      At least you're an admitted racist just like the rest of you people.
      What does that even mean, rest of you people? I like Canelo but do you believe he ever cheated? In fact your answer isn't important but if anyone questions him why do you react the way you do and assume they are a racist?


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        Originally posted by El_Maldito_Rey View Post

        lol, you signed up in 2016, never made a post and your first post is to call me a racist? lol, loser.

        But seriously, this is how this site is, make mention of Mexicans eating tacos, and other racist stereotypes, perfectly ok, mention a certain group's stereotypes, automatic ban.
        I agree with you somewhat but i can hear the passion in what your typing you are butt hurt. Why are you taking it so personally?


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          Haha, good question! If Canelo BEEFS up to 205-210 lb, he bodybags Wilder. It could be similar to Hagler-Hearns lol!