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Comments Thread For: WBA Denies Special Permit Request By Ugas To Bypass Mandatory Defense Versus Stanionis

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  • Comments Thread For: WBA Denies Special Permit Request By Ugas To Bypass Mandatory Defense Versus Stanionis

    Yordenis Ugas has been informed of his next assignment. Whether he chooses to accept the terms will determine his current title status. A request filed by Ugas and his team for a one-fight exception to his mandated participation in a four-man welterweight box-off has been denied by the WBA. An official ruling was issued Thursday, calling for Ugas (27-4, 12KOs) to enter negotiations for a mandatory title defense versus Eimantas Stanionis.
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    Great news! Ugas needs to stay active. If he can't beat Stanionis, he doesn't deserve Spence.

    The WBA has been really killing it lately. Great decision.
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      Wow what a stupid decision.
      I'm guessing Spencer will fight a real soft touch when he gets back from his fake injury. Seems like the "tournament" will take a bit.
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        this is beyond ****ed up. throw away the WBA belt.
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          This is stupid. They should've made all the other WBA claimants fight a tournament with the winner getting a shot at Ugas.
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            although the Spence unification would be the most lucrative fight for Ugas, it's not necessarily the most lucrative fight for Spence. Although it would be an easy fight to set up, there is no guarantee that it will be the direction Spence is going to take. He has options. A rematch with Porter, a fight with Thurman, or a Crawford fight would probably make him more money than an Ugas fight. What is Spence's status anyway? How did his eye surgery go, and can he get cleared to fight again? I understand Ugas' frustration....and the WBA is lame and is doing him dirty.....but there was no guarantee that a Spence fight would materialize.
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              Everyone knows the only actual champions of any boxing organisation are the so-called ‘Super’ champs, or whatever.

              The WBA knows it, too. Problem is, admitting as such would be to admit that having 700 different champs was just a massive scam to harvest percentages of fighter purses.

              Surely, you can’t have the ‘regular’, ‘interims’, etc. realising they’ve been duped and that their belts are a total waste of time? Hell no. Keep the pretence up by holding a tournament, which has the auxiliary benefit of extracting some final value from them.

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                Originally posted by LeOoze View Post
                this is beyond ****ed up. throw away the WBA belt.
                Unfortunately for Ugas, he has zero value without the WBA belt. He is literally defined by it.


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                  Dang, so Ugas team was one day late with their request eh? Oh well....Does this mean after Stanionis he has to defend vs the winner of Butaev/James? If so, he is pretty much booked for 2022.

                  Maybe this gets us closer to Spence vs winner of Porter/Crawford? No reason they can't fight first, have the winner get 3 belts and then defend vs the winner of the WBA tourney.


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                    Errol wasn't ready anyway, so I ain't mad!