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Comments Thread For: Mikey Garcia: I Thought I Was Winning The Fight in a Close Matchup

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    If Garcia thought he was winning a close fight, then he has lost his hunger to win. He looked terrible. Although it was a close fight, I expect the great ones to have a sense of urgency....and really be able to turn it on in high fashion. Garcia only did this in the last 15 seconds of the last round. I'll give Garcia the benefit of the doubt of being inactive. But if he looks as bad as he did this past weekend, again, he may want to hang the gloves up.


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      Originally posted by Pigeons View Post

      Retirement payday? The man made $15M for Spence and Vargas before this fight. It would take someone making $250K/yr to work M-F 9-5 for 60 yrs to make that money. He's already made retirement money. He's just exposing to the world how much of a little bitch he is.
      Ok, I'll go with that too haha.



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        Originally posted by MONGOOSE66 View Post
        Its sad to me to see Mike go out this way. He’s fighting way to heavy. Busting the dad bod. He should of been DISCIPLINED and stayed at 130-135. He could of had some great fights.
        Mikey "Dad Bod" Garcia? That could stick.