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Fury's dad explodes: "we're not fighting Dillian Whyte"

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    Originally posted by PRINCEKOOL View Post

    Whyte will be a bit more patient than Wilder, his jab is equally as good as well 'And Whyte can hit fairly hard'.

    I don't think these guys have to chase Fury anymore i.e Fury is most likely going to come and find them inside the ring. Fury does not used movement anymore, accept a tiny step back here and there 'But it is hardly bamboozling, not like when he was 'The Riddler'.

    Overall, I think Whyte vs Fury will be another good fight 'A fight where Fury gets hit, and has to overcome'.

    There are just no easy fights for Kronk Fury anymore, under Peter Fury? Dillian Whyte may have been a easy fight for Fury.

    No hardcore Tyson Fury fan can sit here and tell me 'That Kronk Fury is peak Fury' none.

    The Riddler, which is the version we saw under Peter Fury was peak Fury 'But unfortunately, just like Muhammad Ali & Mike Tyson, Fury's peak version of himself was never really allowed to push himself to his limits.

    Tyson Fury adapted his game, in order to stay on top. I think this is something that heavyweights sometimes achieve more than the fighters in the lower weights. I think this is because, there are just so many dimensions to the heavyweight division.

    Anthony Joshua for his rematch vs Usyk, could completely change his style and physical dimensions if he wanted to 'You cannot really do that in any other division'.
    He needed to change his style, he got robbed in the first Wilder fight. Can't go 12 rounds with everyone, sooner or later you'll get robbed and lots of these guys can be knocked out anyway


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      Originally posted by The plunger man View Post
      but that’s irrelevant .....otto wallin , seferi and pianeta are trash but he still didn’t mind getting in the ring with them......whyte is mandatory so he has to face him.
      let fury prove he’s trash that’s it
      whyte has to prove he’s not trash by beating wallin first. Then maybe it gets interesting. Right now it has little to zero buzz. Fans want the usyk and joshua of the world.

      seferia, pianeta were tune ups after a 3 year hiatus don’t be stupid.


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        Originally posted by NorvernRob View Post

        But he’s the mandatory, and so Fury needs to fight him. But John Fury is saying they won’t - why not? Who else is he gonna fight? He’s never defended a belt other than last weekend and that isn’t a good look, IF Whyte gets past Wallin then Fury needs to fight him next, followed by a unification with the winner of AJ-Usyk.
        he waits for the usyk-joshua winner esp if whyte looks like trash against wallin. Why take fights you not motivated to train for at this point of your career and proves nothing. No buzz no demand no nothing for the whyte fight. All we remember is him getting chinned by a fossil povetkin.

        if fury takes it then good i’d wanna see that whoopin. If not then i dont blame him. But nothing ive seen from whyte that interest me in him fighting fury.


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          Originally posted by BangEM View Post
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          Which plumber is Fury fighting next?

          Fury only fights dangerous killers and undefeated lions.


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            Originally posted by paulf View Post
            It's an extremely risky fight because thing thing about Tyson is you never know where he is going to be mentally come fight night. He walked through fire against against the biggest puncher in the sport,then almost got stopped by Otto Wallin.

            Huge, huge risk to fight Whyte given what's at stake.
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              Originally posted by NYG View Post

              You actually think Whyte will be able to connect clean on Fury? Lol

              Lesser guys have, people need to stop acting like it’s impossible to hit Fury clean.


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                This would mean something if it were TYSON talking. I hate Fury to no end but I doubt he would avoid Whyte.


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                  People dismiss W hyte as opponent yet most have him top 6. If Whyte beats wallin that's a good win. It's a long time to be waiting for usyk/josh winner twiddling thumbs


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                    No need to mention Whytes name as a future Fury opponent because Wallin will beat Whyte.


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                      Originally posted by BangEM View Post
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                      Which plumber is Fury fighting next?
                      Imagine if he really did IRA style. Then you'd feel guilty.