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Revealed: Deontay Wilder to come into the ring with an outfit that will represent his tribe, the EDO tribe

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    Originally posted by Toffee View Post

    Coming in wearing a piece of cloth and a feather.

    Lightest outfit he could find?
    Would not risk one of those flimsy necklaces

    Loin cloth and feather sounds right


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      The EDO tribe have been real big on LED Lasers and robot styling for centuries.


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        Wilder is making a mistake. From 1,000 miles away, I'm going to be jamming his suit's electronics and taking it over, weakening Wilder as he walks to the ring. It's another way Fury has paid me to help him cheat. I even got a license to do this from the FCC. So they are also in on it! Deontay is the real champion, even if he leaves the ring **** up on the canvas. Because, well, the crown belongs to him. If he loses, Fury cheated. It's so cool to be in on a huge conspiracy because this fight is the most important thing in the history of the universe. We're cheating Deontay!
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          All Fury has to do is carry a 40 lb sack of manure to the ring on his shoulder. Deontay will crap his electronic suit right then and there.


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            Finally, the right costume for Deontay! We did away with the wand, because it was too heavy for Deontay to carry to the ring! We even customized it with a poop chute in the back, so it won't be torn when Deontay takes his cornholing from Tyson Fury! Yep, we are the Champs at picking the best outfit for the greatest fighter of all time (because he just deserves it)!

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