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Can we stop pretending previous generation heavyweights are too small? Usyk and Joe Louis are the same size

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    Originally posted by YGriffith View Post

    These people like to ignore the thousands of examples where bigger heavyweights destroyed smaller ones, but like to spew nonsense about how a joe louis would dominate today because he beat primo, who he himself showed what an unskilled big man can do with a few inches and 60lbs advantage to smaller guys.
    Right i said that to that quote is so dumb to keep saying and these idiots keep saying it they been saying it for years he beat big men it doesn't matter who he beat that was big when those dudes was trash and moved bad why brag on that its odd

    None of those dudes would give a tough match to 70s-now fighter fighters like george bowe haye canelo Frazier fury Anthony ggg and alot of others all those 30s dudes would be destroyed 1st or 2nd round
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      Originally posted by YGriffith View Post
      The problem isnt in just size, it's the skills, most state level amateurs have more skills than a joe louis.
      Not the fiction joe they talk of he was the most skilled not real hw ever

      Another odd thing they will say how were so called wrong but refuse to prove it by video of joe using the same advances in movements they had since 70s which i have asked mutiple times since last year

      its not hard to watch matches so why is it hard to prove us wrong by video why cause i dont understand
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        How many decades of HW boxing, had a Ring top 10 with at least 5 top 10 HW’s who were 6’5” or taller?

        Lewis. Wlad, Vitali was the beginning of the real tall, highly skilled HW’s of the last 25 years. And they’re still coming in, with Fury, at 6’9”, ruling the HW division.


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          boxing size is more than weight. One can be a dense 210 pounds, with large bones, and big wrists, legs, shoulders. Length is much more of a cut and dry advantage... and even that has to do to some degree with height.

          Usyk can weigh 300 pounds... he still does not have the bone size, the structure of a guy like Liston. If you do not have a big frame you can still pack muscle on... Doesn't give one an advantage! And this shows. Along with the big heavyweights are champs that are not big... As far as size changing, there just do not appear to be the skills heavyweights once had. Its on tape...