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So... is Caleb Plant about the same level of opposition as Saunders?

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    For me he's a tad lower than Saunders in level.


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      Plant is a good boxer. He will take Canelo the distance unlike that British bum. I would even pick him to win if he had a little more power.


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        Plant is on BJS level,but theres nobody out there at smw who'd be a better fight next, Benevidez hasn't even done as much as Plant has in his career,so he damn sure isn't better,just a different style matchup,& maybe even easier work than Plant,as he got kd clean by Gavril a few fights ago.


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          Different style. Every boxer out there has a style that gives them trouble. If Plant uses his feet well he could present issues.


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            I would say so. They both are coming in to try and outbox Canelo. Canelo is just too good right now, he is the king of the super middleweight division, soon to be undisputed with no challengers in sight.


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              wow they sure do change their tune quickly dont they?

              aahh man why canelos fighting that europhag saunders, he should be fighting PLANT!

              canelo comes in and two pieces plant and all of a sudden we get a sad and depressed thread like this talking about how plant is just the same

              im expecting similar threads like this when crawford is about to kick porters ass.

              "Is porter basically the same level as benavidez?? " i can see it now.

              pbc ball jugglers mighty quiet about how pathetic plants resume is, but let crawford demand to fight spence or these other pbc clowns and posters like OP are all over him asking if hes earned it


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                And still undefeated!

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                  Plant's best wins: Jose Uzcategui, Caleb Truax, Vincent Feigenbutz
                  Saunders' best wins: Andy Lee, David Lemieux, Chris Eubank Jr, John Ryder

                  Both guys have a pretty thin resume to be honest. I think Saunders has slightly better wins but I think Plant is younger and in much better shape.


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                    Plant is a great fighter. I like his skills.

                    This is a good fight.


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                      BJS has a better resume than Plant.
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