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Comments Thread For: Vitor Belfort, Triller Execs Call Out Jake Paul For $30M, Winner-Take-All Fight In November

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  • Comments Thread For: Vitor Belfort, Triller Execs Call Out Jake Paul For $30M, Winner-Take-All Fight In November

    Vitor Belfort was even quicker to call out Jake Paul on Saturday night than he was to vanquish Evander Holyfield. The former UFC light heavyweight champion challenged Paul to a $25 million, winner-take-all fight after he stopped the 58-year-old Holyfield in the first round of their ill-conceived cruiserweight bout in Hollywood, Florida. Ryan Kavanaugh, Triller's CEO, and Triller executive chairman Bobby Sarnevesht quickly added $5 million to the proposed eight-figure purse for a Belfort-Paul bout during Belfort's post-fight interview in the ring.
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    Dude should be indicted for elder abuse...


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      Mmm this one i can see jake losing that or silva but wont take why risk loss when know mcgregar fight is 40-70m sadly for paul n 60-80 m for mcgregor sadly still paul would risk vs wrestle heavy usman before anyone strike first especially hand wise. Jake paul vs jon fitch next or if want make look some risk paul colby covington next. Should fight belfort or de la hoya next only 2 options less mcgregor diaz masdival cash out


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        Stupid offer as he knows he wouldn't beat Belfort so he's not gonna sign up to get beat up for free


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          Do Triller exec's even have 30 million? This reminds me of that shady person or friend that tells you that they have an investment that can't miss, and only want to screw you over....
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            Paul doesn't want that smoke


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              Dayam that's a huge amount of money. Does Triller have that? That's more than ten times what the US Open tennis grand slam winners get, but then again, they're not getting punched.

              If Jake Paul got offered even a quarter of that guaranteed, take it. No one else will give him so much money, and Jake isn't a world class boxer by any stretch.

              Vitor is clever, wants to really cash in, and he can still fight Oscar.

              It's mind boggling that the Paul brothers get called out more than say calling out the world champions. Why, because they bring in the big money, like it or not.
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                I thought that Jake Paul signed an exclusive contract with Showtime Sports.? How could he even ever fight on Triller? They’d have to pay the heck out of Showtime.


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                  30 mill is too low for the risk.

                  Jake is quickly becoming a household name throughout the world.

                  If he keeps winning/knocking opponents out, he'll be making Mayweather type of money in a couple of years.


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                    The money is there, but Triller is trying to tickle it out. Billions get spent on garbage everyday. Hollywood money was the best at one time, 100s of millions for Batman and Gigli. I think 30 mil is too much for a joke, but the internet and the Covid are a perfect storm. Hood challenge and homeless tours are a rage. If we ever get rid of the Covid, this low brow boxing might go with it.