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Comments Thread For: Sam Eggington Overcomes Bilel Jkitou in Bruising War For Split Decision Win

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  • Comments Thread For: Sam Eggington Overcomes Bilel Jkitou in Bruising War For Split Decision Win

    Sam Eggington never tends to do things the easy way and was made to gut it out again in a tough, bruising, enthralling encounter against Bilel Jkitou in Coventry before having his hand raised after a 12-round split decision.
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    Great fight. Gruelling.

    I'm glad channel 5 are showing his fights of late as more often than not he's in fun fights.


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      Eggington the biggest warrior in the sport, get him a fight with Signani for the European title


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        Eggington is always entertaining but he should be fighting at 154. He is not, by any stretch of the imagination, a classy fighter so he needs to use his size & strength. If Sam honestly can't make 154 then, TBH, he should call it a day. Up against M/W guys, many of whom will be walking around at 185 or even 190, lacking the finer boxing skills, he is gonna get hurt.


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          It was a good fight and all but there was definitely a point in that fight where I thought actually either of them could get hurt. The pace of the fight and that they would exchange and also because it never looked like either could put the other out, the attrition of it and the amount of shots landing.

          I dunno if it is me being soft but I'm getting that way with Sam that it is getting a bit nerve wracking watching him.

          Eggs had a great career and it blows my mind he's only 27. If he's paid the mortgage off I think he should get out of the game. He only got in it to earn a few quid he's done that now surely. Especially at 160. He's at this level now where he can only fight good fighters and the likelihood is he's gonna go to the well again but against a bigger, stronger man who can box and **** and he's gonna lose badly.
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            What a great fight. Absolute war. But Sam needs to think about stepping down a weight class because he isn't a Middleweight. He won clearly tonight, but had to really earn it. I had Sam winning 9 rounds, so i don't know what that crazy judge saw giving it to the Frenchman 8/4. That needs to be looked into. No way you could have the Frenchman winning. And not by that much. Insane. But for Sam's health, he needs to step down and box more. Getting into fights like this all the time isn't good. Great for us. But not for him. I just hope he doesn't end up like one of those fighters who took too many punches for little pay. I hope he's secure and doesn't need to keep doing this for the money.
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              I completely agree with what everyone is saying in this post. I even thought 154lbs was a big too much for Sam. What is sam doing at middleweight? hes gonna get koed badly at that weight class.


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                Eggington is Euro level, so he should fight Signani for EBU title.