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PBC formula doesn’t work at heavyweight because tomato cans in that weight class can punch

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    They do have a lot of HW in around their Island, Martin could have fought the Hrgovic, where is Ortiz, Washington etc? Breazeale recently lost to Otto Wallin, Arreola was reashed for PPV, so they do have some HW. HW boxing is dangerous, you cannot be taking chances and making them duck good money, get them out, let them make their money because any bum can KO them.


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      I don't think all your provocative threads are dumb it's just I hardly have anything to say until you make a dumb one and this one bud, it's stupid.

      Cans can punch in any division. IDGAF how big you are, Josesito Lopez can put you on your ass, break your face bones, end your lights etc.

      It's because the champions at other divisions are more than a **** hair better than the contenders. It's super hard to really tag Canelo, it's not super hard to really tag Fury, Wilder, or Joshua.