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Another Saturday full of boxing that’s impossible to care about

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  • Another Saturday full of boxing that’s impossible to care about

    I’ve literally watched boxing my entire life.

    I’m having trouble caring about any of these DAZN fights and I groaned out loud when I read what the PBC card is.

    I don’t remember a time in my life when two networks where showing cards on a Saturday and it was impossible to care about either card.

    It seems to be happening multiple times this year.

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    The DAZN card isn’t too bad, McCarthy v Billam Smith is a really good fight on paper. There’s a lot of personal beef there between the fighters and their corners. Neither are top level fighters but it’s a fight with some real spite involved.

    Xu Can v Leigh Wood is a world title fight. Not a the most spectacular fight but it’ll be worth watching.
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      Boxing is probably at the worst it’s ever been at the moment in all honesty.
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        Each to their own I guess but I'm looking forward to CBS vs McCarthy... in fact it's actually a rare week where there isn't at least one or two fights that are worth a watch. Doesn't have to be elites squaring off to make exciting and compelling fights.
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          I’m gonna watch the fight tonight and tomorrow morning.

          Not compelling fights but maybe we get something exciting.


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            DAZN card ended up having 3 good fights, was a solid card. We'll see if the PBC card delivers anything, but it looks like dog ****e on paper


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              There's been a bit of a lull of late for sure. The card tonight turned out alright though I thought.

              Looking forward to Galahad/Dickens next week, and i'm vaguely interested in seeing how Conlan/Doheny pans out.