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What's the most JUSTIFIED Quit you've seen in boxing?

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    Originally posted by BodyBagz View Post
    Vit quit vs Byrd 1

    ''Klitschko controlled most of the fight with Byrd being elusive and making himself a difficult target. After 9 rounds Vitali had suffered a torn rotator cuff and despite being clearly ahead on the scorecards (88-83, 88-83, & 89-82) he retired on his stool handing the win to Byrd. Harold Lederman, HBO's unofficial judge, had Klitschko ahead 88-83 at the time of the stoppage.''
    A healthy Vit made it obvious in the rematch.

    Any injury related quit should get a pass.More so is they were winning at the time of the quit.

    Honorable mention - Cotto quit vs Margarito 1*
    I had Cotto up big until he gassed. He gave it his all and that can't be denied.
    Vitali never rematched byrd it was wladimir who avenged him.
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      Originally posted by KillaMane26 View Post
      On another note I felt bad for Ortiz when he wanted out if the Lopez fight and his trainer made it worst trying to force him to continue. That had to kill his confidence.
      I remember drunkenly calling him a *****. I felt like a real POS once I saw the x-ray of his jaw a few days later.


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        Originally posted by SN!PER View Post
        Morales vs. Pacquiao III, when Morales gets knocked down for the 3rd time, he has this look on his face like, "I'm fucked."

        Couldn't see the punches coming, couldn't stop the assault, at that point he had just become a punching bag for the Pacman.
        Speaking of Morales: when he won the title vs Daniel Zaragoza, the latter quit after a hard body shot. That was fully justifiable, to me; Zaragoza knew the fight was over.


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          Originally posted by pacmanis1 View Post

          I remember drunkenly calling him a *****. I felt like a real POS once I saw the x-ray of his jaw a few days later.
          I did the same error with Dubois vs Joyce.


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            Originally posted by pacmanis1 View Post

            I remember drunkenly calling him a *****. I felt like a real POS once I saw the x-ray of his jaw a few days later.
            I could feel the cringe through the tv screen..... If a fighter quit you have to make sure his confidence intact...

            Them in his corner arguing about him quiting made it so bad.... I still remember the look on his face... I mean he got hit with his mouth open.... Out of all the times he quit, this was the one he a good reason to do it


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              Originally posted by IceTrayDaGang View Post

              but you were just making jokes before bout how pac's gon quit on his stool or freddie throwing in the towel!! lol...
              It wasn't a joke and keep it accurate you boys make little changes to whats said to get more like girls every day, I said it's a possibility that it could really happen in Mannys fight, its not a good thing because it breaks a mans spirit,


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                Anyone who suffers a serious, potentially career ending injury in the ring has the right to quit

                Broken orbital bones, broken jaw, torn rotator cuff, etc, are all valid reasons

                Yeah, there are warriors that would rather die in the ring than quitting, but that shouldn't be encouraged

                do we need more deaths, or more fighter's careers cut short, just because we want them to prove their machismo?

                The corner should protect these fighters from themselves, if the referee doesn't do it. throw the damn towel!

                An invalid reason for quitting would be because you're outclassed and frustrated, like bitchass Rigondeaux did against Loma


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                  Victor Ortiz vs that Lopez guy.

                  Dude broke his jaw and had the bone exposed through the inside of his mouth.

                  Definitely a fair quit.


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                    Dubois was justified. Would have been madness to fight on to show "heart". He fought through that eye injury longer than most would have. He was getting hit constantly in it too. Fury showed great balls in fighting through a horrific eye cut vs Wallin, but Fury was rarely getting hit in the eye after the cut, as he dominated the bulk of the fight. Dubois eye was taking a battering. Nash out.


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                      I don’t know if you can call it a quit, but I’m going with the McCall vs Lewis rematch.

                      That guy just didn’t have it in him that night and wasn’t in the proper frame of mind to be in the ring.