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Your top 3 worst commentators in boxing. List them!

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    Originally posted by ShoulderRoll View Post
    #1. Mauro Ranallo.

    That dweeb sounds like a WWE announcer. Full of stupid one-liners and a voice that sounds so inauthentic….He was made for that play wrestling crap that the little boys watch.


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      As some others have said, Lennox and SRL are really bad. Lennox is so bad that it’s almost entertaining to listen to him. SRL is horrible but totally unentertaining. Mannix is annoying as hell. Al Bernstein is very good. Roy Jones, to my surprise is excellent and a pleasure to listen to. Tim Bradley may not be the best but I actually enjoy his personality and he’s entertaining. Bradley is a likeable character and sometimes he tells it like it is.


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        Mannix always comes out with the stupidest ****. Sometimes it’s hyperbole, sometimes it’s just not even close to being true.

        Was recently saying Ryan Garcia is going to be a bigger star than Canelo. When it’s clear after the Luke Campbell fight that, whilst he’s got skills, he’s got a few heavy KO’s waiting for him in the future.


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          I don't dislike any commentators to be honest.

          He might not be good now, but SRL was a good commentator in the 80s and 90s when he was with HBO and covered most of the Tyson fights. I don't know what happened to him, but he sounds jaded and uninterested nowadays. Maybe Tyson was just that exciting.

          Andre Ward did commentary but stopped, he was brilliant.

          I'm surprised anyone would hate Al Bernstein - he's about the most neutral and balanced commentator there is.

          But you can never beat Lampley and RJJ - you never felt they were just doing a job, they loved watching fights and their enthusiasm made even dull fights exciting e.g. Ruiz vs Golota Man do I miss them.

          Current favourite has to be Malignaggi. I love how hyped up he is.


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            Kellerman Bernstein Ward

            all three are trash

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              Whenever Tessitore commentates about Crawford or Fury, he always sound like he creams his pants! yuck!

              ESPN shills are by far the worst!!


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                Goosen, Mares, Ward


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                  Lampley, Ranallo and the english dazn guys(all of em)


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                    - -Wouldn't know since I been muting any English/Spanish broadcast for over a decade.

                    What kinda sissy interested in what other sissies say on a boxing broadcast?


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                      Originally posted by just the facts View Post

                      You like Rinallo but not Bernstein? Wow that's a new one.

                      Just my opinion
                      1. Lampley- company shill and biased cheerleader. I think he would provide oral sex to Manny.
                      2. Bradley- company shill and cheerleader.
                      3. Rinallo- flat out annoying and knows little about boxing.
                      I am with you 100% on Bradley and lampley