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Comments Thread For: Terence Crawford vs. Shawn Porter is Ordered By The WBO

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    Does this one go to a purse bid or no?


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      Originally posted by Curtis2 View Post
      Porter gets TKO'd if this fight happens, then you'll will realize how overrated-over hyped PBC WW's really are.... easy work for TCrawford...
      Should be good cuz Shawn rushes guys

      and Terence is a slowwww starter


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        Good stuff.


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          Originally posted by Bronx23 View Post
          Don’t really know what to make of this. I remember watching Porters podcast (actually really good check it out) & he basically said he & Terrance both wanted the fight but Bob was only trying to pay Porter $1m - Bobs reasoning being that there would be no live audience. Now with that no longer being an issue I’m interested in seeing what the Bobfather will do.

          if they do fight I got Bud by TKO in a fun while it last kind of fight. Porter is too easy to hit & Buds too sharp & got that sneaky power.
          I see Terence getting hit along the way too

          he starts slow and Shawn is all about rushing guys

          maulers bring it to stylish boxer-punchers


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            How did Porter even get into a mandatory position Good fight but seems odd how this order came down.


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              ... Am I the only one who notices the convenient timing of this announcement?

              And I do recall people on NSB saying "Porter didn't activate the mandatory doe!"

              And I specifically criticized WBO for not doing this very announcement, for months.

              But don't you think it's funny that shortly before Crawford's Top Rank contract expires, NOW they threaten him?

              "Bobfather" and "W​​​​​​hatever B​​​​​​ob O​​​​​​rders" , indeed.


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                Thank you, please make this fight. And then Crawford vs the rest of the top welterweights. Depending on the outcome I guess, but I don't see Bud losing.


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                  good fight !

                  Crawford UD12



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                    Wondering why some fans say Crawford will stop Porter. Yes it could happen... but Porter is no easy mark. Spence had trouble with him, and only won a split decision. And BTW... Spence in that close of a fight with Porter... yet fans saying Spence will easily stop Pac?


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                      Purse bid is 60-40 split. That's pretty good if big money players bid on the fight.

                      It'll let us know if Arum was underpricing Porter like he did Teo.