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Comments Thread For: Tim Tszyu Intends To Punish Zerafa For His Comments on Tszyu-Hatton Fight

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  • Comments Thread For: Tim Tszyu Intends To Punish Zerafa For His Comments on Tszyu-Hatton Fight

    Undefeated junior middleweight contender Tim Tszyu has promised to do a lot of damage to Australian rival Michael Zerafa - as tensions nearly erupted during a Fox Sports face-off. Zerafa has been needling Tszyu about his father, Hall of Famer Kostya Tszyu, getting stopped by Ricky Hatton.
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    Truth hurts... Little timmy tszyu.. his dad got bashed... People are aloud to talk about it.. what makes the tszyu family better than any one else...micheal zerafa can talk about what he wants... It was a fair comment..but zerafa wont win unless he knocks timmy out coz no one even canelo would win a decision over tszyu in Australia.... Its rigged and its a a bad place for away fight and Al Haymon from PBC will know this and he surely wouldn't send his champ here to be robbed


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      Go zerafa.... Hope you win buddy if you read this


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        You suck!


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          Originally posted by Aussiebox2019 View Post
          Go zerafa.... Hope you win buddy if you read this
          Zerafa is tough enough but the talent speed of Tim will probably be too much at domestic level and Mick has been at MW for a few fights the weight drop might not do him any good.


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            Tszyu is going to walk through this guy. I’m really hoping that we’ll eventually get to see him get a shot at tie winner between Charlo vs Castano.


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              Kostya took the Hatton fight, as the champ in Hatton's backyard @2am in the morning @ the M.E.N Arena in Manchester (to satisfy U.S fans viewing preferences) in front of a partisan crowd mostly probably drunk.

              Kostya looked very drained and tired from fighting at the same weight he always had (which was 20 kg less than his walk-around weight)

              The fight was very scrappy, the ref was clearly giving Hatton the benefit of the doubt ( that retaliatory low blow was overt )

              Two of the judge's scorecards had it one-two points in favor of Hatton at the time of the stoppage.

              Hatton broke Kostya's rhythm and wore him down using rough and dirty boxing on the inside - the only way to beat Kostya, as Vince Phillips did.

              So hence, yes it is a very serious criticism, even 'below the belt' perhaps, but it also shows how either Zerafa can get into Tim's head, or Tim sees it for what it is: an attempt to instill an emotional or psychological weakness.

              Hopefully, this turns into one of the best domestic fights we see in a while, after recent fights. Zerafa has a lot to gain if he beats Tszyu. Tszyu has a lot to lose.


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                Charlo BEWARE...better not be fooled by team tszyu 10million dollar carrot... then loose half to the taxman probably... Then never get a points decision unless he scores 6 knockdowns.. its a rip off in the making.. Al Haymon watch your back friendly smiles mean nothing when your boy gets robbed here... Australia is a dangerous place


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                    tszyu will punish zerafa and then knock him out late