Undefeated junior middleweight contender Tim Tszyu has promised to do a lot of damage to Australian rival Michael Zerafa - as tensions nearly erupted during a Fox Sports face-off.

Zerafa has been needling Tszyu about a sensitive topic involving his father, Hall of Famer Kostya Tszyu.

Tim became furious after Zerafa poked fun at Kostya's career-ending stoppage loss at the hands of Ricky Hatton 16 years ago.

Zerafa has promised to do a "Micky Hatton" on Tszyu, when the two rivals collide on July 7 in Newcastle.

"Don't talk about that fight, man. Don't talk about it," Tszyu warned Zerafa when faced off.

Tszyu was only 10-years-old when his father was pounded by a young, up and coming Hatton.

"I'm just saying, you remember what happened in that fight. Micky Hatton's rocking up," Zerafa said.

Glenn Jennings was the manager of Kostya - and he now manages the younger Tim.

Jennings cautions that Zerafa will get punished for his statements about the Hatton loss.

"To bring up the fact that that was the end of Kostya's career in such an inflammatory way was a pretty poor decision on his behalf," Jennings told AAP.

"There are some lines when you've got somebody with such reverence in the community as Kostya. To be honest, we could have remained silent and said nothing because you've only got to have a look at the social media reaction to it. Zerafa's been crucified and rightly so. The Australian public have told him in no uncertain terms that this was a very, very poor performance from Michael Zerafa and really drops him back down to the bottom of the ladder.

"Based on yesterday, that's just another example of the delusional state that Michael's in. It's had an impact on Tim but he's got a job to do. He never gets distracted and he stays true to the cause there now. But I'm sure in the back of his mind now there will be just a little bit more spite and a bit more determination to make Michael Zerafa finally eat his own words.

"The problem for Michael is now is that after two years of bucketing Tim and continuing to pull out the low blows and disrespect like yesterday, he's just turning the furnace on himself. The pressure comes heavier and heavier on him to put up or shut up."