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    Originally posted by DougalDylan View Post
    You'll find that World Wide Web thing you talk of actually is really popular ..

    Foxes average viewers post pandemic dropped to 847K to give you an idea how pathetic that is ..

    Hughie Fury (who know one care s about) beat Sam Sexton(who know one cares about) a couple of years back on Channel5 in the UK (which no one watches) and drew 2.9 million viewers with a promoter Mick Hennessey (who even his own mother doesn't know)

    Soon you'll have more people from outside the US watching those US shows than anything ESPN or FOX can manage given the numbers Coppinger was quoting and the new launches I don't think thats even debatable now.

    I hundred percent agree with you. Yes, boxing is very popular in the U.K. Always has and always will be but not here in the U.S. The market where Eddie Hearn is attempting to expand both his empire and base to.

    Moreover, you're absolutely correct when you say that online streaming is hugely popular yes; Indeed it is. Most people prefer their entertainment over the internet which is a fact. However the sport of boxing is not one of them. Especially stateside among the casual viewer.

    Casual fans are less likely to download a boxing app if they don't know the combatants who are fighting. It's because they wouldn't know who are they are without any type of television exposure. DAZN is extremely popular among boxing fans but not with casual fans.
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      Originally posted by Oldskoolg View Post

      Don King was the greatest promoter in history for the fans….definitely not for the fighters. His PPV cards were legendary
      Yep the fighters were robbed blind and most of them died broke and alone but the fans got STACKED cards everytime
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        Originally posted by TinAgeOfBoxing View Post
        Hearn and his fighters will be rich as Midas while DAZN will be bankrupt. The only 2 big fights they are working on is Clenelo/Plant and AJ/Usyk and both those fights are trash that no one wants to see. Those 2 fights will cost 60+ million and will generate about 6 million in income for DAZN.
        I've been saying this for years now. They didn't have any follow up fights to the in house fights they had. You could literally count down the fights until it eventually came to this point. Devin Haney and Danny Jacobs already bounced. So now all they have left is Canelo v 3G v Andrade v Mungia, and aint none of them fighting each other. ODLH probably will move his stable to Thrilla or Showtime. So they have to overpay to get the Canelo v Plant because if Canelo gets a taste of that PPV action again he's gone forever.


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          I love the idea of young British prospect's fighting overseas the experiance & exposure can do nothing but good for the like's of Johnny Fisher, John Hedges, Dalton Smith, Cyrus Pattinson, Hopey Price & Fabio Wardley ECT!...