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Comments Thread For: Mayer: Still A Lot Of Work To Be Done When It Comes To Equality In Boxing

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    ...You not even that good, Relax Mayer! ESPN and Top Rank showcase you purely based on your Looks it is not your Fighting Style and Skills in the Ring AT ALL


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      Originally posted by Ricardi View Post
      They need to put an all Womans card on ESPN and see how the ratings look . Best way to see what they should get paid.

      If the ratings tank which most likely they will they just need to accept woman's boxing doesn't bring the numbers
      They still wouldn't accept it, they would blame sexist men for not watching and say they still deserve equal pay.

      You don't argue with feminists you ignore them.
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        Originally posted by TinAgeOfBoxing View Post
        She could always supplement her income through onlyfans.
        Paetron ... Lol


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          I bet it’s a bunch of women kicking and screaming at the fact that people will never watch their sports as much as men!


          Women wanna be where the men are and women HATE other women….we’ve known this forever. If women really cared about other women’s sports, they’d patronize their events and prove it. But they don’t. Where’s the girl power?

          So many women are at these playoff games…enjoying the men play, using those events as photo ops (because most don’t know what they’re watching anyway) and hoping to get scooped up by an athlete. This never happens at women’s sporting events.

          As we all know, equal opportunity doesn’t mean equal outcome. Women simply don’t wanna accept this. You’ve earned your way to fighting on televised cards, now prove your worth and bring in the bucks! Hell, there are a lot of men that I hate watching I’m the ring because of their style and ack of power some cases.

          Women need to get back to their original roles and stop ruining society as they’re doing now by trying to compete and/or high jacking power by way of shaming tactics. Fact is, in order to be watched, they HAVE to be attached to a man’s undercard. Nothing wrong with that as most men’s careers are developed the same way.

          Just keep working and things will fall into place.
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            Originally posted by Fists_of_Fury View Post

            I would watch some naked or even lingerie woman's boxing.
            So would I if you can't sell than take some clothes off


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              I agree if she means 3 minute rounds. If you think you deserve equal pay though, take it to PPV and take a percentage.


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                What 'inequality' is Mayer talking about? That men are unequal in strength to women? How is that going to be changed, nonsense. She should be happy that she is able to participate in a sport pioneered and developed by men. I refuse to follow women's sport, it just gives them an excuse to demand more and criticise men, stuff em.
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                  There is no inequality in boxing. Women boxing is not in demand in the numbers that it needs to be for the women to get paid what they will deem "equal pay". Boxing is a for-profit business, so these women boxers need to understand that first before they try to dive into how the PayScale is unfair.

                  Clarissa Shields put on an all women card for PPV for cheap and it did not sell (rumors are less than 2000 buys). The market is what dictates the prices, rates and demand for a particular product and the boxing market have spoken and it will not spend money for women's boxing, it does not demand women's boxing and that isn't tracking to change any time soon.

                  Shields is quoted as saying "the world of boxing didn't recognize that (my greatness) and didn't want to put me on that stage" so she basically is saying what I just said, the boxing market does not want her product and dont want to pay for it. So theirs no Inequality happening here, it's just the boxing market speaking to you but she does not have a clue on how business works so... till she and other women boxers learn that we will keep on hearing how they are unfairly treated. Sad really because they know all they have to do is keep crying and eventually they will get paid more no matter how undeserved it is, and that should be a problem to men boxers because that pay will be coming out of the undercard men fighters pay to overpay the women boxers just so "they" can curb the crocodile cries of "inequality" basically turning women boxing into a lowkey charity drive.
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