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  • Comments Thread For: Hatton Warns Fury: Wilder a Murderous Puncher, Doing Things Right With Scott

    Former two division champion Ricky Hatton has warned Tyson Fury to take Deontay Wilder very seriously in their upcoming trilogy fight. Wilder and Fury fought to a controversial twelve round split draw in December 2018 - with Wilder coming close to knocking Fury out in the twelfth and final round.
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    Wise words. If Fury wins as expected, maybe Wilder can get a fight with Joshua, even if AJ loses to Fury or Usyk.


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      Age may slow us down a little, but the power is still there! George Foreman showed us that, and Deontay Wilder will show us again.


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        I'm in split mind who i want to win this one.

        If Fury wins. He's more likely to fight Joshua, but we'll never see Joshua-Wilder.
        If Wilder wins. All 3 fighters are still in play, but Haymon likely blocks any further fights with the other 2.


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          True that Wilder can't be taken lightly, though obviously Fury will rightfully be a huge favourite. Fury has historically had a habit of fighting to the level of his opponent, saving the special performances for elite opposition like Wilder and Klitschko while occasionally taking opposition a rung lower less seriously and not coming in as prepared as he could be. Fury should hopefully be smart enough to still recognise that Wilder poses extreme danger, but it may be possible that after hammering him the last time he may see him as a lesser opponent now. That said, he should have been in training for Joshua so if nothing else he ought to be in solid shape.


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            I do admit he does look good. The question for me is can he transfer the training to the ring that night. Wilder’s biggest opponent has been himself in adopting that horrendous wait to land a big lunch mentality that sunk in after he won the title. It started as “needing rounds” and it simply turned into. “I’m fine with losing rounds because I can land the big one” and that has lead him to this point. Can he move and jab? Can he throw 1-3 combinations and hook to the body? Can he throw lead jabs to the body to stop Tyson from advancing? Can he work body shots on the inside and tip uppercuts in the clinches? If he can’t, he won’t win, if he does he can.
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              It's funny isn't it, a year ago this rematch would have seemed like the most pointless fight ever, but a bit of time and a few little clips of some pad work and we are all getting suckered in.

              As long as Fury doesn't get lazy in training its going to be domination again, Fury beat him like a drum in the last fight, he looked levels above Wilder and I don't see a few little tweaks turning that around.
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                Fury isn't a dummy

                He has more respect for the risk Wilder poses than someone like AJ

                You literally can't avoid a timed Wilder right hand, it's too fast & too rangy. Why Fury spent most of their 2nd bout making sure he drained Wilder to an inch of his life.
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                  If fury comes in as heavy as he did last time or heavier this time, it will be intersting if the fight goes into the late rounds


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                    Fury knows what he's up against. I think the question is will he be disheartened and a bit depressed about having to fight Wilder again insteas of fighting AJ for undisputed? Or will he be angry about it and channel that anger into determination and focus?

                    Regarding Wilder, he may look good on the pads but will he revert back to type once he gets tagged? Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.