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Who was closer to prime in 2013: Floyd or Canelo?

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    Originally posted by GrandpaBernard View Post
    Trout too early

    Alvarez became a MUCH better fighter after the Mayweather match the greatest opponent of his career when it all said and done

    you learn a lot being in there with guys like Floyd Lara Cotto 3g
    Yes after Mayweather he gradually became better with every fight. Mayweather is the ceiling he tries to shoot for imo. The pinnacle

    I said Trout because that's when he showed he truly belongs with the world's best. Trout was his first true test, an undefeated champion coming off an easy Cotto victory. Canelo looked comfortable in there with Trout. That was the beginning of his prime for me


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      Floyd was still in his prime at 35 if not he would have lost plain n simple.

      Alvarez didn’t peak until around 2016-2017.

      But the Floyd jizzboys will say FLOYD was 42 ancient and completely washed up to make him look better.

      All you gotta know is that Canelo was still struggling against the like of Matthew Hatton to know he was nowhere near his prime.


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        Canelo WAS in his prime. Floyd was very old and washed up.


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          Originally posted by TernceBudCharlo View Post
          Canelo WAS in his prime. Floyd was very old and washed up.
          You’re a joke and a clown