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    Andrade shouldn't have to do anything. It's Eddie's job to get him a big fight. Eddie's too busy kissing Canelo's arse.



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      Dude should've fought Charlo when he had the chance. Now it's bums for the remainder of his career.
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        Originally posted by TernceBudCharlo View Post
        He should not have been so respectful with the "Hi Mister Canelo Sir, I think you are amazing sir, sir it would be amazing if we could fighter mister canelo" ****.

        Should have gone all up in him way Clubber Lang did. But now he will never get that fight.
        Is that how Bud goes about his business ?

        Crashing someones post fight presser ?


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          Barking dogs don't always get the bone


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            Andrade’s not getting the fight either way.
            His 160 paper title means nothing to Canelo as he’s not fighting at that weight any time soon or ever again.
            Andrade can’t sell out a high school gym and has a boring style. If he really wants it that bad then build himself a resume at 168. Maybe, I don’t know, fight a current or former world champion for once.
            Bumdrade is like the backup QB. Everyone thinks he’s the man because they haven’t seen him in there and is built up in their minds as the next big thing. Then he gets in there and you see why he wasn’t playing.
            160 or 168 Bumdrade gets that ass beat. He’s nothing Canelo hasn’t seen before.


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              Canelo would batter him yo pieces--not a competitive fight and I don't care about it

              ANdrade has 0 impressive wins


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                Originally posted by GhostofDempsey View Post

                For all the years he was with PBC, you would think Uncle Al would have made the Andrade/Charlo fight at either 154 or 160. It never happened. No excuse for that. Now Charlo is fighting another no-hoper this summer. Yawn.
                Charlo is proven coward that doesn`t want to fight Canelo, Benavidez, Andrade.


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                  BJS is the last man who will come to actually fight Canelo and win

                  The rest will lay down for their paycheck

                  & the judges will take care of business if they even dare to try and win.