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Comments Thread For: Andy Ruiz Survives Early Scare, Outboxes Chris Arreola For Decision Win

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  • Originally posted by budfr View Post

    No. AJ lost because Ruiz put a beating on him......AJ has a glass chin. In the rematch, AJ was just trying to stay away from RUiz and just won on points, Ruiz didnīt even train, partied and was too heavy. AJ will lose vs Fury.
    I like Ruiz, let’s pretend I can get Ruiz to look like AJ. He’d be the best Ruiz could EVER be. That said and done. HES TO DAMN SMALL for a heavy weight. He needs to be heavy to have that POP. He’s a freak of nature when it comes to his hand speed and slug like appearance. His time to be heavy weight champion IS GONE FOREVER. No one is going fall for the “fat boy routine” no more.
    Their are many great, CURRENT heavyweight fighters right now. There’s A REASON why NONE OF THEM are at the top of the division.


    • 2 of the judges only gave arreola one round and hes saying they only gave me 2 to 3. it was 1 to 2...some boxers still dont know how boxing scoring works. embarrassing