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Comments Thread For: Deontay Wilder Vows: I'm Going To Continue Boxing, Show My Greatness

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    A few good posts in here mixed with the usual matchroom incel posts from the nationalist monkeynut gallery


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      I think he looked like a total idiot the last year, but im glad to hear that he will continue.


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        Originally posted by Gandhi View Post

        Why do you care, white boy?
        For exactly the points I just made you dumb cvnt.


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          The offer of huge money from Hearn fkd things up. Wilder made $2 million (his highest purse) in the Ortiz fight.
          Eddie offered 10x more and everyone thought Wilder is a Mike Tyson blockbuster waiting to happen.
          And so the clowns at PBC refused to entertain any offer from Hearn on behalf of DAZN, which in reality
          is a startup subscription-based company that is willing to spend billions of dollars to attract subscribers.
          Had nothing to do with PPV-based fights, which was what the clowns in business suits at PBC had in mind.
          And so they invested huge money overpaying Wilder, spent millions on promotions.
          In the end, Showtime realized it didn't make sense and rejected the Ortiz 2 fight.
          It's comical, if you think about it. Shirley Winkel is probably now realizing.


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            Originally posted by joe strong View Post
            ....if Wilder does fight someone else before a third Fury match I would forget Martin & Ruiz as a comeback opponent. I would fight Otto Wallin if I was him. Wallin has beaten Breazeale, Kauffman & went 12 with Fury. He has a decent name now more so with a loss to Fury but also has a credible win over Breazeale who both he & Joshua destroyed. Wallin would be my first choice. He is a good HW who has put his name in the mix & he doesn’t pose a huge risk in my opinion....
            Wilder may need a softer touch for his first fight back. Someone who he can land on and who will go down. Wallin seems pretty resilient (mentally and physically) , has decent boxing skills and is a southpaw. That's not to say he'd beat Wilder but he may pose some challenges to a fighter who can be outboxed, coming off his first defeat (via beatdown stoppage no less) and have vulnerable confidence.

            Perhaps a Kownacki, Dinu or even a Trevor Bryan?


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              Originally posted by Liondw View Post
              He's got a heck of a right hand, but look at who he knocked out? C'mon, his power is not comparable to the power punchers like Foreman, Liston, Dempsey, Tyson, Marciano, Shavers, Lyle, Lewis and Bowe. Wilder isn't in that league, when you ko tomato cans.
              Who did Dempsey KO?

              Ducked Wills, ducked Jeanette, ducked Norfolk, ducked Langford, ducked Godfrey, ducked Greb, but he sure did KO some guys no one ever talks about.

              As champion:

              Miske - Coming off losses to Norfolk, Greb, and Levinsky, also a LHW
              Brennan - Got his ass handed to him x3 by Greb - a LHW
              Carpentier - Siki, Kid, and Jeanette proved they were better men - A LHW
              Gibbons - Losses to Greb, scared of black folk - A LHW and wasn't KO'd
              Firpo - Alright win, still got his ass kicked by the man Dempsey should have fought. - only HW he faced as HW champion.

              Public polls of the era have Wills far ahead as the man Dempsey needs to fight.

              Norfolk went on a campaign destroying Dempsey's sparring partner and taking down the damn near mythological Greb who Dempsey was scared of himself.

              Greb beat up everyone Dempsey could call a name, including Tunney.

              Langford the man publicly admitted to ducking.

              Godfrey was on a Dempsey campaign so they brought him in as a sparring partner, he destroyed Jack in training so Jack's people released statements misleading the public into believing it went the other way around while they kept Jack far from George until years later when it no longer mattered and they recanted their bull****.

              You can go earlier but it ain't about to get better for Dempsey. He's a super overrated champion who actually didn't do much outside of duck.
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                I'd like to see him still in the mix, even if he a completely delusional.

                However he's 35 now and a crack at the titles seem to be at least a good few years away, unless they get broken up and he get a vacant shot.


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                  "Wilder (42-1-1, 41 KOs) is currently involved in a legal battle to enforce a rematch clause with Fury. A decision on the matter could come down in the month of May.

                  He feels confident the rematch clause is still valid, while Fury and his handlers believe the clause has expired."

                  Interesting. Very interesting.


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                    Deontay Wilder recently appeared on the 'We Might Need Counselling Podcast'
                    He deffo picked the right podcast.


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                      Wilder needs to start with some tomato cans for a year or so and build his confidence back up. Its obvious that it is completely shot which is not a good thing for a fighter like him. If I were advising him I would have him fight four times in the next year, starting with someone complete trash, maybe arreola and working my way up to maybe fight an andy ruiz mid 2022.

                      Otto Wallin is not where I would start that is for sure. I'd probably never fight fury again if I were him. Maybe fury retires after the two joshua fights and he can fight joshua who I think he could actually beat if he was in the right mindset.