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Comments Thread For: Daily Bread Mailbag: Crawford-Pacquiao, Ennis, Holmes, Okolie, More

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    Originally posted by Pennstate110 View Post

    You're just another salty hood boy who hates that pac is asian , bc if he was black you'd be on his nuts...doesn't matter to me who the athlete is, I love Jordan, LBJ , tyson , pacquiao. You racist hood boys are bias as hell
    they were just a floyd's boy toys.


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      Originally posted by Pennstate110 View Post

      Oh and answer me this if Floyd beat Manny so easily and it was such easy money for him. Why would he not jump on the second biggest payday of his life for easy money again?. Everybody keeps pushing for the rematch yet Floyd keeps turning it down. You idiots claim he beat Manny so easily he keeps taking these exhibition matches that are very easy as well. Why not rematch and make more money in one fight against Pacquiao then he would with all these exhibitions? I already know why the fact that Floyd won't fight him again proves everything to me. I just love hearing Floyd's lovers hilarious excuses lolol go ahead take a crack at it, I need a good laugh
      they cover up floyd's cowardness with the answer floyd beats him easliy and rematch is pointless..