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Comments Thread For: Vergil Ortiz: I Don't Think I Can Take Out Crawford Like That, Will Probably Go Distance

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    Gotta blame this on DAZN for even hyping him up and entertaining the idea of a Spence or Crawford fight. They don't care if this guy's ready or not...they just want to see a fight. By hyping him up his KO power as the next best thing, they're putting him out there to with the big boys.

    If you have enough power and impressive KO wins (regardless of the competition level), you'll be forced into this "I bet he can't beat this guy and that guy" shuffle. That's how it is. Sadly.

    In my opinion, they're moving Ortiz at the pace he needs to be moved at this moment.


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      Originally posted by Fist_ti_cuffs View Post

      Surely you have heard of Boot Ennis and Shawn Porter.
      Yes I know who you talking about. But don’t tell me you put porter as favourite over Ortiz Jr. You also put porter and Ennis in their own bracket. When one is at the tail end of their career and the other doesn’t have one real noteworthy win of his career yet. Boots potential is huge, but if he and Ortiz fought tomorrow it would genuinely be a 50-50 fight they’d be no overwhelming favourite would they? So I guess my point still stands. I aren’t quite sure what you was hoping to achieve in the response you gave me? Like I’m hella confused bro? What was you trying to say?