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Comments Thread For: Vergil Ortiz: Crawford is Possibly No. 1 Pound-For-Pound - But I Want That Fight!

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    Originally posted by Doubledagger View Post

    Lol, your examples are so horrible dude.

    Jose Benevides had his head taken off so I don't even know why you even brought that up, smh.

    Postol fight was the only fight were Crawford fought a strictly defensive fight and yet he still dropped him twice and hurt him badly.
    Crawford tossed an ILLEGAL, blatant LOW BLOW on Khan. That's what you saw, that's what happened.

    Benavidez saw the 12th round, was NOT seriously hurt, his knee gave out. You need to go back and watch that fight again, your memory is failing you.

    Ricky Burns - you need to go back and watch that fight again, Burns saw the final bell, never seriously hurt. Same as Postol.

    Hell, even Kell Brook was smiling and perfectly lucid minutes after that fight. You talk about a quit - THAT was a quit. Not seriously hurt. In fact, I believe he took a dive, as does Porter.

    Look, we get it, you're a Crawford fan. You buy his shirts, you support his ducking.

    "At The End Of The Day", if you put Crawford in there with a LIVE DOG who goes for knockouts and is hungry, he doesn't take them out easy. Does he win? Maybe, if the opponent makes a mistake, but if the opponent is hungry enough? Hell no he doesn't have an easy night.

    The thing is, you don't know what you're saying is true either, because Crawford refuses to fight anyone who's a threat to him, thus he hasn't proven what you think is true.


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      So Ortiz is with GBP/DAZN, and Crawford is with TR/ESPN.
      But it's looking like there's no promotional roadblocks in this fight
      even though they're on different sides of the street.
      Unlike the Spence fight. There's too much nonsense to make that fight.