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This is Canelos prime years

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    Canelo doing just fine, until another current boxer can out do Canelo Resume than they are just canelo haters.


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      Originally posted by iamboxing View Post
      As long as they eventually fight the best within a reasonable period, I'm fine with boxers fighting as many as they want in between. It's their livelihood and gives the fans something to watch. We need more stay busy fighters (Ali v Wepner, SRL vs Dave Green....), the best era was when everyone was busy (70s - 90s) or else you get the barren landscape we have today, nothing but the latest news on negotiations zzzzzzzzz....
      'in between' fights are fine. Canelos MO however is fight a name, fight a bum/mismatch. rinse & repeat for the last several years now. the path of least resistence.

      Lara - name > mismatch agaisnt Kirkland

      Cotto-name > Mismatch agaisnt Khan

      beefy smith & chavez jr

      Golovkin > mismatch agaisnt Rocky Fielding

      Smith > mismatch agaisnt turk