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Maidana Has One of Floyd's Teeth that he Knocked Out of His Mouth in 2nd Fight

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    Originally posted by BoxingTrav View Post

    Indeed. You actually see the tooth Flying when Floyd gets cracked.

    Two things about that. For a guy that's a mauler, it's quite the accomplishment to counter one of Floyd's patented moves. He that it both fights. I wanna say he caught Floyd with a counter of the pull counter in the 10th round of the first fight.

    Second point, Floyd certainly has a great chin. The pull counter leaves you quite vulnerable.
    without that chin he loses to mosley. floyds chin is legit


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      Originally posted by davef View Post
      Lol bet that's not even Floyd's tooth just some drunken idiot who attended the fight and lost it in the crowd
      It might not be Floyd's tooth, but it's a hell of a story line, and he gave Floyd all he could handle in of their fights.
      Floyd deserves a lot of credit for not only taking the first fight, but even more credit for taking the second fight against Maidana.


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        Originally posted by Rockin'1 View Post
        As a fighter, would you rather have a tooth of the opponent or a W in the fight? ...........Rockin'
        Of course you'd rather get the win, which I thought Maidana did win in their first fight.
        Maidana didn't get the judges decision, so what I'm saying in a fight if you don't get the decision.
        At the very least you want to bruise, lump, cut, knock a tooth out, or drop your opponent to let him know he was in a fight.
        Even if it wasn't Floyd's tooth, like I said in another reply it was a good story line.


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          Originally posted by BIGPOPPAPUMP View Post

          New account?
          If you would've read my profile, and understood my post you wouldn't have asked the question!


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            Originally posted by PBR Streetgang View Post

            Definitely. Maidana shook him deep. He whooped him physically and crushed him mentally. Broner never seemed to take any risks in a fight after that; he was more than willing to catch an L rather than be hurt or embarrassed the way Chino did to him that night.

            The point when Chino returned the favor of the hump may have been the braking moment. It was an awesome fight and I still enjoy watching it every now and again.
            You've got that right 100%, he tried to punk Maidana, and got taught the boxing lesson of his life.


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              And Floyd has the two wins and over 75M he made off beating Madaina at the end of his career. Maybe Madaina can sell it since he’s having money issues


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                Originally posted by Rockin'1 View Post
                As a fighter, would you rather have a tooth of the opponent or a W in the fight? ...........Rockin'
                The nerds have to search for any type of win they can against Floyd. That’s what miserable people do


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                  Maidana beat fliyd hands down