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  • Nathan cleverly

    Seriously this bloke is starting to piss me off he needs to stop fighting nobody's he fought better opposition when he wasn't wbo champ . It's another Calzaghe syle wbo bum run and he ain't going to be better for it

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    He's fighting nobodies for a reason.

    He doesn't have the talent to step-up and beat the other champions or even other contenders. They offered Froch a fight before the Mack fight was announced, Warren is looking to cash out on Cleverly already.

    The frustrating thing with Calzaghe was that he was talented enough and should've got the big fights much earlier on in his career. Remember, he was 36 when he met Hopkins.

    Never really been impressed with Cleverly, you can tell early on who's good and who's talented. His style doesn't suit his physical attributes, he needs to tighten up and become more of a boxer rather than a brawler. He likes to entertain but he's got pillows for fists and he won't get away with it at this level.


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      The way he's going Cleverly will soon be forgotten, Warren isnt doing him any favours and isnt doing any of his fighters any favours.


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        Tbf to him they've offered fights to the likes of B-Hop, Froch and Shumenov which failed to materialize. But what do expect with Warren as a promoter? I think next year will be the making or breaking of Nathan. I like the kid hope he does well but he seriously needs to stop fighting guys I've never heard of.


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          It's annoying really that he fighting worse people than he already beat , he's got a belt it ain't that hard to find an opponent all the Hopkins and froch talk is just to hype him up they are never going to bother with him they can fight the wards pavliks ect... For far more money


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            It is getting very hard to defend him.

            The Karo Murat fight was over 2 years ago. Since then who has he thought?

            Nadjib Mohammedi
            Aleksy Kuziemski (can't believe he is fighting Pascal next )
            Tony Bellew
            Tommy Karpency

            Not a great list really speaking. Bellew, Murat and probably Nadjib Mohammedi are his best wins.


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              Ducked Pascal....Jean Pascal, just saying.


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                Originally posted by RingsideReport View Post
                Ducked Pascal....Jean Pascal, just saying.


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                  The ONLY argument Clev and Warren have is that he is only 25, still relatively young with enough time to step it up but still, as the James Toney kid says ^^ you can tell from a young age who has it and who don't


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                    Clev just isn't good enough. He'll be found out when he fights someone half decent.