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Where does Canelo rank with his punching power among the under 175 boxers?

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  • Where does Canelo rank with his punching power among the under 175 boxers?

    From a historical stand point how does his power stack-up to the hardest hitters under 175?

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    He broke a guy's face.

    No clue - how does one judge power, by KOs?

    This guy has that kind of power. Takes people out with one punch and breaks bones.

    I felt he looked like a small Dempsey or Marciano, a straight ahead fighter who wants to trade; you can't let him hit you clean because his punches will break you.

    I guess I would rank him quite high; right now I would say no one under 175 can't trade with him, he will have to be outboxed. Right now no one will take him out either; no on under 175 can risk standing in front of him.

    The problem I am having with this is that power isn't everything - when it comes to sheer power Rocky Graziano's right was one of the most powerful punches in the MW division but Rocky wasn't a complete fighter by any measure.

    When you compare Alvarez to other great champs that have all the skills (as does Canelo) Monzon, Hagler, Cerdan, Zale, SRR, I would say he hits as hard or harder than all of them.

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      Good luck outboxing him. I love the way he rolls with punches like he was doing vs. Golovkin. All the nuances with his game. If he wants to box you, he can do it at the highest level. If you want to brawl, he can really sit down on his punches and throw with incredibly bad intentions. This guy is so damn good it's scary.
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        GGG's knees were never buckelt by Clenelo.


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          I mean he has pretty much everything in power. He can KO you with short shots or with long windups. Power in both hands, he's just naturally heavy handed but he really knows how to put his full weight into every punch.


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            Not history. Unfortunately I cannot move the topic to the relevant section in the new format, so I'll close it and you will have to make the thread in NSB yourself.