Floyd Mayweather Jr. rested comfortably atop Forbes’ highest-paid athlete list during his heyday, but the fighter nicknamed “Money” is out for another cash grab when he returns for an exhibition against Logan Paul on June 6 for an exhibition at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida on Showtime pay-per-view ($49.99).

“My nickname is 'Money' for a reason. I worked extremely hard for years and years to get to a certain level. A level where we can start calling everything an event,” Mayweather said on Showtime’s “Inside Mayweather vs. Paul” show.

“I believe in working smarter, not harder. So if it's something easy like [the Paul fight], a legalized bank robbery, I gotta do it. I have to do it.”

It appears that Mayweather (50-0, 27 KOs) has a propensity for backing up the Brink’s truck for a quick snatch. 

Last year, the Hall of Fame fighter described his win over Conor McGregor as “a quick bank robbery, a quick heist.”

Mayweather retired again after knocking out McGregor in 2017 but returned on New Year's Eve in 2018 to demolish Tenshin Nasukawa in one round for a reported $9 million payday.

At the age of 44, Mayweather will once again engage in combat, albeit in an eight-round glorified sparring session. 

“[Logan and Jake Paul] are making some pretty good money from YouTube. He's made a lot of money from YouTube, but it's not Floyd Mayweather-type of money. When it comes to Floyd Mayweather, it's a different level. Believe me,” said Mayweather. 

“It's fame at different levels. Fame changes the person. Like people say, 'fame changed me.' It did. It made me more cautious. It made me want to better myself and become a better person and surround myself with better people. Save my money and make smarter investments and build generational wealth. That's what I wanted to do with my fame and fortune ... that's why I'm where I'm at. I've always stayed in my lane.”

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