Former world champions Felix Sturm (41-5-3) and Vincent Feigenbutz (32-3) could be heading for a showdown in April, writes BILD and

The 41-year Sturm, now promoted by Universum, returned in December with a clear win over Timo Rost after being out since early 2016. He held WBA titles at both super middleweight and middleweight during his long career.

Feigenbutz, promoted by Team Sauerland, was outclassed by Caleb Plant early 2020 but came back with a good win over Jama Saidi in August., in a fight made at middleweight. He held the WBA interim title at super middle 2015-16.

At which weight Sturm and Feigenbutz will fight might be one of the remaining question marks to be ironed out before this fight is a done deal.

IN OTHER NEWS: Austin, Texas is home to super featherweight prospect Floyd Schofield, Jr., who is rapidly becoming known in the boxing world as “Kid Austin.” The 18 year old made his pro debut October 9, 2020 in a bout that aired on Telemundo. Floyd scored a first round knockout over Richard Esquibel in just a minute and a half of the first round. The pandemic has resulted in several fights falling out which has slowed his progress some, but Floyd remains on his path. He has gained valuable experience in sparring with some of the stars of his 130 pound division, including Devin Haney, Shakur Stephenson, and Robert Easter Jr., then spent time training with the Adrien Broner camp. “I'm fighting January 30 in Tijuana, and we're working on two fights after that,” he said.

Floyd has concentrated on boxing since the age of 8, being home schooled to focus on training, then graduating with a 3.6 GPA. “Floyd lives for boxing,” his father Floyd Sr. said. “We've trained together his entire career and now, everything is starting to happen.” In addition to daily training, Floyd improves his boxing game by watching old fights featuring his favorite fighters, Willie Pep and Sugar Ray Robinson. “These are the fighters my dad has had me studying all my life. Sugar Ray for his style, knocking people out fighting backwards, and Pep for his defense, he won an entire round without throwing a punch because his opponent couldn't hit him. Sugar Ray and Willie Pep are my favorites because their styles are what I relate to and remind me of what I want to achieve in myself.”

When Floyd isn't training, he gets some time to enjoy a few video games, and has shown talent in the area of culinary arts. “I like to cook, and cook for our team,” he said. “When I'm making food for everyone, it's my kitchen and I'm in charge.” Another aspect of Floyd's talent are his appearances in some Ford commercials, which indicate an interest in either or acting, once he's conquered boxing.

January 30 Kid Austin will be in the ring again fighting out of Tijuana, Mexico at the Big Punch arena, on a card promoted by Jibaro's Promotions. He's scheduled for four rounds against Cesar Valencia Aguilar (1-1-0).