Former WBA middleweight and super middleweight champ Felix Sturm, who recently was sentenced to three years in jail for tax evasion and doping, has in part appealed the verdict.

Sturm denies the positive doping test but still can´t explain how the small amount of a forbidden substance - stanozolol - could have entered his body.

With respect to the unpaid taxes, Sturm admits he did wrong in 2008-09 - but feels the court is wrong in regards to the verdict for the tax charges for 2010. The charges were initially for tax evasion for ten million euro, then dropped to 5.8 million euro and now the number is down to one million euro.

Sturm spent eight months in custody during 2019.

Sturm is also rumored to be coming back to the ring and his targeted opponent, is the former IBF and WBO middleweight and super middleweight king Arthur Abraham, who recently had legal troubles of his own.

Abraham was caught by police in Berlin for driving without a license and excessive speeding. What made the case worse was that Abraham at first tried to place the blame on his brother.

And it´s not the first time Abraham´s driving has caught the attention of the police.