Polish junior lightweight titleholder Ewa Brodnicka may not be the garrulous type, but she doesn’t plan on keeping her mouth shut either now that it appears she is projected to make her title defense against Mikaela Mayer later this year. 

Mayer, one of the top names in women’s boxing and 2016 Olympian, has not been shy about her efforts to obtain a title shot. She went at Brodnicka earlier this summer on social media. 

“Dude…@ewabrodnicka is soft. You haven’t said a word because you know you can’t hang with this era of women’s boxing. At least go out with some honor,” Mayer (13-0, 5 KOs) wrote on her Twitter account.

Brodnicka (19-0, 2 KOs), who won her WBO 130-pound belt in 2018 after beating Canada’s Sarah Pucek, didn’t appear to answer back at the time, suggesting to some that maybe she was looking for a way out, but now she says she had good reason for her silence. 

"She [Mayer] talks a lot, she makes a lot of noise,” Brodnicka told Sky Sports. “I responded only once (on social media]. After I didn't respond because I wanted to be sure the fight would happen.”

Originally, a purse bid was scheduled for the title fight in late August between Brodnicka’s promoter Eddie Hearn of Matchroom and Mayer’s promoter Bob Arum of Top Rank. But the purse bid was cancelled after both sides came to an agreement. ESPN reported that the fight is expected to take place on its own airwaves sometime in October at the MGM Grand Conference Center. 

In the meantime, Brodnicka plans to up her trashtalking game. 

"I have fought in the past with a Polish girl who spoke a lot. I also like to trash talk and I like to make a show of the weigh-in!” she said. "It's time to fight the best. I want to fight the best in the division.”

Of Mayer’s boxing ability Brodnicka was surprisingly complimentary.

"She is a top fighter, a good opponent with good combinations,” Brodnicka said. “She is tall, like me…Normally we fight with smaller opponents because we are the tallest in our category. It will be an exciting fight.”

Of course, Brodnicka doesn’t plan on being that friendly leading up to the fight ­­­– maybe after.

"After the fight we can hug and kiss. But before? We don't like each other and we won't go for coffee,” she said.