Middleweight contender Chris Eubank Jr. has given Liam Smith high praise for taking punishment until their rematch was stopped in the tenth round.

Earlier this month in Manchester, Smith was dropped twice, and punished, before the referee stepped in to wave off the fight.

The victory saw Eubank avenge a four-round knockout loss to Smith, which took place back in January.

"His team didn't throw in the towel even though he was losing every round, he stayed in there and took his beating like a man. A lot of fighters these days, they aren't willing to do that. If the fight isn't going their way, they're done. Get me out of here coach," Eubank told IFL TV.

Eubank believes too many fighters are looking for a way out when the going gets tough - citing Daniel Dubois, Billy Joe Saunders and Dave Allen.

"Saunders did it. Dubois did it. A lot of fighters have done it. A guy did it on the same night on the undercard. The White Rhino [Dave Allen] quit on his stool [against Frazer Clarke]. People get upset, 'Oh you shouldn’t say that.’ Listen, I’m a fighter, I can say what I want. I do it, get in there and I fight and I don’t stop. I take a shot [and] I get up. I’m buzzed and I keep walking forward. Let me keep going, because I’ve done that I can talk on other guys," Eubank said.

"The mentality I had, the mentality Liam had, that’s what true fighters should have. We owe it to the fans to give everything we've got and more importantly than that, you owe it to yourself. When you're old watching the replay of fight, you've got to watch yourself not wanting to be there. You've got to live with that until you die."