The boxing world has been put on notice by the 5 vs. 5 card that will see five Matchroom Boxing fighters versus Queensberry Promotions fighters on June 1 in Saudi Arabia. 

Turki Alalshikh challenged promoters Eddie Hearn (Matchroom Boxing) and Frank Warren (Queensberry Promotions) to pit fighters against each other from their respective rosters, and the idea has gone over well with fans.

The card will feature high-profile fights such as Deontay Wilder versus Zhilei Zhang and Raymond Ford versus Nick Ball. In some cases, these are good fights that weren’t being made because of political lines that were not being crossed – or in reality the money wasn’t there for two promoters to work together.

In a recent conversation with Golden Boy president Eric Gomez the idea of such a concept using the Golden Boy roster is a very real possibility. 

“We are open to do that with anybody,” Gomez told BoxingScene. 

But Gomez added that Golden Boy had already come close to making it happen already this year. 

“We were approached early this year from Top Rank and Bob Arum, and he wanted to get something together,” explained Gomez. 

The idea of seeing fights like Teofimo Lopez versus Ryan Garcia and Shakur Stevenson versus William Zepeda would get most fight fans excited. To hear it has been thought about adds hope. 

“I think in the near future you will see something very likely with any of the big promoters,” Gomez said. 

Though Saudi-backed investment in boxing has been complicated, one thing is clear. It is forcing interesting match-ups to be made because money talks. 

Fights that used to stall are now being made and the possibility of another promoter versus promoter series of fights in the future is good for the sport.