The transformation Devin Haney normally goes through during his fight week is like night and day. The 24-year-old goes from healthy, spry, and full of energy to frail and malnourished.

Yet, even with his face sunken in and his rib cage showing, Haney made the 135-pound lightweight limit without complaining. During his time there, he aggregated every major world title and took on some of the best fighters available, including Vasiliy Lomachenko.

Becoming an undisputed champion was something the 24-year-old always dreamed of but his body desperately needed a reprieve. Officially, he’ll receive one.

On December 9th, at the Chase Center in San Francisco, Haney will make his super lightweight debut when he takes on Regis Prograis for the WBC crown.

Nowadays, Haney (30-0, 15 KOs) is doing things he never did before. No longer is he skipping out on meals while spending countless hours in the sauna in an attempt to shed weight. The five extra pounds has led to Haney having an extra pep in his step. With that said, he doesn’t want to take his new diet overboard.

With Haney still in his early 20s, he still has room to grow. As he walks past the mirrors in his palatial estate, he notices that his shoulders are getting broader, his back wider, and his muscles becoming more and more defined. Campaigning at 140 pounds will allow him to fight in a more comfortable weight class but that doesn’t mean he’ll have an easy time when he’s asked to jump on the scales.

“It feels good,” Haney told a group of reporters when asked how he feels at his new weight class. “I been eating a lot more. 135 was hard for me to make but 140 won’t be easy either. I’m a big guy, I’m getting bigger, my body maturing, my muscles are filling out. Even though I’m moving up in weight, it still won’t be easy for me making weight.”