By CompuBox

In a bout that saw Tyson Fury control large portions of the fight with his ring generalship but also saw Deontay Wilder score explosive knockdowns in rounds nine and the ultra-dramatic 12th. In the end, the bout was a poorly received split draw.

Fury out-landed Wilder 84-71 overall, 46-40 jabs and 38-31 power and in the round-by-round breakdown, Fury led 9-3 in total connects and landed power punches as well as 6-2-4 in landed jabs, but while Fury won his rounds by mostly small margins (two or fewer connects in seven of his nine rounds in terms of total connects), Wilder won his rounds by larger gaps (2, 6 and 6, with the final two figures being the knockdown rounds of nine and 12). That dynamic might explain the wildly divergent scorecards.

Fury was more accurate in all phases (26%-17% overall, 21%-16% jabs and 37%-17% power). Scoring: 115-111 Wilder, 114-110 Fury (which was added up was actually 114-112 Fury, but it didn't affect the outcome), 113-113.

Rematch anyone? Wilder landed just 17% of his power shots after landing 55% in his previous 8 fights. Fury limited Wilder to 71 total connects (6 per round) and Klitschko to 52 (4 per round). Heavyweight avg. is 15 landed per round.