UFC President Dana White is very firm in his position of never doing business with Youtube stars Jake and Logan Paul.

The two brothers, specifically Jake, have been challenging several UFC fighters to face them in cross-sport boxing matches.

Last month, Jake Paul (3-0, 3 KOs) stopped MMA veteran Ben Askren, who previously competed in the UFC, in a single round.

On June 6th, Logan Paul will face five division champion Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition fight on Showtime pay-per-view.

A few weeks ago, Jake Paul attended a UFC event and had a face to face confrontation with former champion Daniel Cormier, who was doing commentary for a UFC's pay-per-view event.

Jake Paul has also been baiting UFC stars Conor McGregor, Kamaru Usman and several others.

White is making it clear that under no circumstances will he allow any of his talents to face either Paul brother in a boxing match.

"First of all, I would never do business with those guys, just no. No, this is not what we do. I'm not gonna f------ loan them a guy for f------ what? There's no way. You got plenty of f------ goofballs out there that you can muster up to get in there and play these games that these guys are playing. Yeah, I'm not your guy," White told ESPN.

"Listen, you cannot deny the fact that this kid [Jake Paul] has inserted himself into the conversation with real guys. This guy has got three fights, and I gotta tell you that I don't know if I truly believe the Ben Askren thing. I have a hard time wrapping by brain around that. Let's see how long it takes before this kid's 15 minutes are up, but they are being smart. They are keeping him away from anybody that could actually really do damage. I don't know. The Ben Askren thing still blows my mind."