Dalton Smith extended his unbeaten record to ten fights as he stopped Ireland’s Ray Moylette in the tenth and final round, but Smith survived a fright after flattening Moylette after landing a low blow. 

Smith was dominant enough finishing matters with two knockdowns in the tenth of the super-lightweight fight – on the Martinez-Warrington bill in Leeds – but having been docked two points in the seventh round, he was warned for another low punch in the eighth. 

Smith began well behind the jab and throwing to the body, while Moylette had some success whipping the right over Smith’s guard. 

It was Smith making the running, though, beating Moylette to the punch in the first three rounds and then getting through with some harder punches in the fourth as he began to sit down on his punches. 

Smith wasn’t faultless, though, and got a string of warning from referee John Latham, mostly for pushing the Irishman’s head down.  

But Smith didn’t seem to waste a punch. In the second half of the fifth round, he began loading up on hooks and uppercuts, switching stance to constantly change the angle of attack. 

By the sixth it was getting very one-sided, as Moylette, who had only boxed 65 seconds in more than three years, just walked forward taking punches. 

Things took a dramatic turn at the start of the seventh, though, as Smith landed a low punch and, as Moylette dropped his lands in pain, he was nailed by a left hook that dropped him. 

Referee Latham would have been within his rights to disqualify Smith, but after a lengthy break, he decided that docking two points was a sufficient punishment. 

Smith kept moving and punching, but midway through the eighth, another left strayed low as Moylette took a kneed and Latham issued Smith with a final warning. 

Early in the tenth round, a left around the ear dropped Moylette. And when another left hook dropped him soon after, the towel came in from his corner, much to Moylett’s annoyance. The official time was 0:49. 

The fight was for the vacant WBC international silver belt. 

Australian Olympian Skye Nicolson moved to 2-0 as a pro with the minimum of fuss as she outclassed the brave but limited Bec Connolly over six-twos at featherweight. 

Nicolson landed punches at will, while it was tough to remember Connolly landing a single punch. 

Connolly’s problem was she just couldn’t get close. Nicolson, a southpaw stayed at range and picked her off, keeping her hands low and swung in big left hooks or walked Connolly into her jab. Whenever Connolly ventured forward, she was met with a solid punch and, while Connolly is tough, she is let down by the lack of a decent jab, meaning she was always throwing from out of range. 

In the third round, Nicolson began to put her punches together and barely missed, but while it was totally one-sided, Connolly went the distance, referee Mark Lyson scoring it 60-54. 

Calum French recorded his second win and first stoppage of his professional career as he stopped Belgium’s Angelo Turco in the third round of a scheduled six-rounder at super-lightweight. 

French loaded up on everything as he looked to make a big impression, not bothering with the jab and instead leading with big lefts that often found the target. When he got close, though, the most damaging shot was the right hook that usually followed the left. 

By midway through the first round, Turco was already winging in hopeful bombs in the hope of getting French to walk into one. 

But everything he did land, French just shrugged off and the end came at 1:11 of the third round, referee Steve Gray waving it off at the moment the outgunned Turco’s corner threw in the towel. 

In a Yorkshire rubber match at cruiserweight Mali Wright, from Leeds, edged past Sheffield’s Luis Palmer. 

The pair met four weeks ago in what was Palmer’s debut and Wright’s second fight, the fight ending in a four-round draw. 

Wright was lighter on his feet and tended to beat Palmer to the punch in the first two rounds. Palmer came back in the third behind a good straight jab but the difference could have been in the last moments, who Wright landed two solid hooks. He won a 39-38 decision from referee Mark Lyson. 

Cory O’Regan, a lightweight from Yorkshire, moved to 6-0 with a clear points win over Poland’s Jakub Laskowski. 

Southpaw O’Regan beat Laskowski to the punch throughout but lack the power to really threaten a stoppage. Referee Steve Gray scored it 60-54. 

Ron Lewis is a senior writer for BoxingScene. He was Boxing Correspondent for The Times, where he worked from 2001-2019 - covering four Olympic Games and numerous world title fights across the globe. He has written about boxing for a wide variety of publications worldwide since the 1980s.