The quarter of the fight pitted Fury’s jab versus Usyk’s power punches. After three rounds, Fury held a 25-14 advantage in jabs landed while Usyk led in power punches 21-12. Fury found his offensive groove in the four round, landing a fight high 22 punches in the fifth round, 16 of them power punches. After the sixth round, both combatants were dead even in power punches landed at 39 a piece. Going into the seven round, Fury had built a 63-56 lead in power punches landed and seemed to be seizing control of the fight. Usyk responded in the eighth round, landing 12 power punches to Fury’s 6. Fury came out of the round with a bloody nose and a mouse under his right eye. Usyk continued taking the fight to Fury in the ninth round, hurting and knocking down Fury at the end of the round. Fury’s recuperative powers kept him in the fight, but Usyk landed 36 power punches in rounds ten through twelve to Fury’s 15.

Usyk's 170 landed punches were the most by a Fury opponent (Wallin had previous high with 127)